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Summer of music

2009-06-21 11:23:24 by Zeviron


And it's a great time for me, i love it...It's also a really good time to boost my music quota
so this seaseon there will be alot more stuff from me than in previous months. So keep your eyes open and your ears pinned back and look out for me on the audio portal :D

Thanks for reading

- Nate (Zeviron)


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2009-08-16 01:29:42

Congrats on "Zeviron - RFAD Remix" making it into "Best Tracks Ever" the song definatly deserved it!

(Updated ) Zeviron responds:

Hey, thanks :D
I never really expected to even get positive feedback for any of my pieces, so to get into the top 20 best ever,for me, feels amazing.

Thanks for your support dude XD